Saturday, July 31, 2010

my crystal fix!

i love sparkling things! here is a quick demo to show you how EASY it is! I've been doing it for years, and just recently realized...
if i SHOW you how easy it is, you will finally BELIEVE me!!!

at the very least, Gina and I had a great time playing around after the store closes ;) thanks gina, you're a doll! not only did she shoot the video, she loaned me the shirt off her back for the demonstration. hey, no video of that!!

bling bling! jamie

Saturday, July 17, 2010

desperately seeking perfection

an apt title for this blog entry. haven't blogged in a while cause i had a GREAT idea of making a little video of me showing you how to use the hotfix rhinestone setter, demonstrating how EASY it is to add swarovski crystals to clothes, bags, scarves, hats....... and putting it on my bloggy!

then i was going to put the hotfix tool on sale at half off, so that we can all walk around in our sparkling outfits!!!

BUT, i haven't had time to make such video, much less put the setters on display, or even talk about it with customers cause i've found other fires to put out. SO, because i couldn't move forward with that project, i just couldn't move forward with blogging. CRAZY huh. and i'm sure there are many of you nodding your heads in agreement, about how our minds make rules that we think we must follow. i forget that perfection isn't a goal to achieve, it's just being here in this moment!

well ladies, tonight, i'm breaking that habit of waiting for that "perfect moment" or for everything to "align perfectly", or "go in perfect order", and i'm moving back into the flow and i'm here to say, "IT'S ALL GOOD!" no video, no samples. i'm still blogging, and i'm not going to even post a pic. how's that for some rule breaking??

i am perfect as i am. and so are you. right now, i am loving myself completely with gentleness and compassion. please gift yourself with that as well!!

love to you, jamie

p.s. want to see me sparkle-ize something? bring it in, and i'll hotfix a crystal to it for you! my treat! (make sure i'm in before you come!)