Monday, June 27, 2011

last day of the bead gallery on ward

Good Bye Bead Gallery on Ward!

i've spent the last 12 years of my life in the same building, going up and down those stairs, and meeting thousands of wonderful people.  it's been the best part of my adult life, and i'm sitting here in awe of what was created.  i'm not thinking just about the jewelry, the projects, the emails, the website, and all the creative ideas...  i'm feeling full of spirit, love and gratitude.  

the best life lessons of hurt and healing, rejection and acceptance, miscommunications and understanding, conflict and resolution, loss and gratitude, ... ALL have occurred under this particular roof.   and all of the energy that was poured into my life, my environment, and in the familiarity of the PLACE around me is now recognizable only within me.  i thought it was in the things around me, in the comfort of the location, and the everyday sameness of familiarity - but amazingly... it's not!

when i looked at the empty, broken-down store before leaving tonight.. i thought i'd be sad.  or something to that effect, especially after so many customers asked me.. "aren't you going to miss this place?"   i wasn't sad.  i felt nothing... just ready to go home with my husband, like the last 4000 days we've done so.

everything i am, everyone that i love is already in my heart.   i carry the best of me, the best that i can do, the best of everything that i have ever done- inside of ME, and i only realized that today.  i've never been more tired, more irritable, more emotional (hello period, thanks for visiting me NOW), more in physical pain, than the past 3 weeks, and with all that going on - I cried twice today, both times because i was so grateful.  i finally understand that dedicating the past 14 years of my life to tbg was not a waste, i have no regrets, and that this whole journey has been about bringing love into my life.  Today was a clear message, that i am successful. 

once in my office in the middle of the move - i started to tear up.  I had to stop and ask myself, "am i sad? why am i crying?"  only to discover that chasing that emotion led me to think about anna and gale holding down the fort at the new bg, while ali, amanda and my other girls were packing like crazy in the main showroom - and i felt so grateful, my heart felt so full.  to follow a dream, live the opportunity and be a part of a community that shares in that love, there is nothing better.

after getting home and pulling up in the driveway at 11pm, i cried again.  because i was so thankful for my husband, and we had just had a late dinner prepped by my supportive mom.  everything i do has been 100% supported by them, and i will always be striving to share that gift with as many others as i can.  it is a gift that i honor and will serve for as long as i am able, and that i am able to unreservedly receive love and support from those around me, and share that openly is a culmination of the work in progress that is ME!

thankfulness doesn't always show up in the middle of chaos, in the middle of total non-stop action.  and i am writing this message and sending it out in the universe, so that i can REMEMBER that it should.  and i can make it so.

living with gratitude and appreciating the love that i receive and am blessed to share, jamie
mahalo ke akua, mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Everything Jamie Loves is In Here!

The Bead Gallery - Part 3

It's our 14th year in business and I can't believe it's time to move for the 3rd time.  Change is haaaaaaaard!!  Can you hear me grumbling as I say this?  Maybe it's cause my body hurts, my brain is in overdrive and I wonder where the past 14 years disappeared to, and what I have to SHOW for it.

It's been too easy for me to look for quantifiable proof that the last 14 years were productive, worthwhile, purposeful.  Maybe if I had a million dollars in the bank, I'd feel terrific!  No.  Even as I type that, I roll my eyes.  Maybe if we had children, I'd feel like I had something to show.. that I added to humanity and created a life.  Hmmm..  still not sure bout that.  But as I bring home boxes and boxes of  &*(^ that have accumulated over the past decade+, I wonder.... what was I saving?  What is this stuff?  Is this what I have to show for my adult life?

So as my anxiety continues about the business being "successful", I continue to dissect, re-evaluate and reflect upon my meaning.  What am I here for?  What am I here to do?  What is success?  Whose idea of success am I determining my current state by?

Last month, I asked Michelle and Jason, "if we didn't do all the things we did, like classes, dvds, kits, displays, packaging, offers, emails, website, new products...." would we still be here today, in this exact place?  When they both answered to the effect of "most likely/yes/probably" I couldn't stop laughing at the irony.  I saw myself as a little mouse on a wheel, pedaling as fast as I can, and going nowhere!  I was so busy being busy, I didn't even think about the VALUE of my life.  I was putting so much effort into keeping the business alive, I didn't even consider WHY that was important to ME.

I never once questioned, "is this worth it?"  I just put my head down and bulldozed forward for the past 5000 days, saying the bead gallery was the most important thing.  work was most important.  making money was primary to taking care of all of us.  But I never thought it through, to WHY was that important to me.

When we realized that we couldn't continue the business at its current rate of decline in this economy, I had to choose: move or close.  Maybe at the time it was pride, fear, ego that spurred me to reject closing, and finding a new, cheaper space with lots of parking and on the first floor  was way too easy and convenient.  So I chose move.  BUT I DIDN'T THINK ABOUT WHY I wanted to continue.  Loving beads is NOT enough of a reason to have a bead store.  trust me!

Last week, as I painted the new store with JoAnn, we discussed grieving, being in the moment and just being present with our feelings.  This was the first time I spoke aloud of my feelings toward the store, so it was a surprise to ME, to hear why I'm doing this.   I told her that for the past year, I've been pledging my service to ke akua, to doing whatever it is that I am called to do.  That I will have a willing heart and open mind to god/the divine spirit/the universe, and that I am here to serve whatever is needed.  That I have been blessed with a most loving mom, and a most loving husband that have supported me and loved me and showed me that with unconditional love, you can do ANYTHING!  I am so grateful and so thankful, that I am committed to sharing that which I have received, with as many people as I can in my lifetime.

I am not continuing the bead store for money, success or to provide people with employment.  I am not moving the store just so that Jason and I can work in non-traffic times.  I'm not even doing it because it's the only thing I know how to do at this time, and I understand that the job market is challenging.  

I truly love the people that I work with.  I love the people that come through the door.  I love the interaction, sharing our lives, stories, opinions and perspectives with each other.  I love the healing work that we do through the bead store.  I love that we have invested 14 years in creating a community, a place of fellowship, trust and equal energetic exchange.  I love that there are people that will always challenge me, and give me situations to practice patience, kindness and understanding.  This is not just a bead store to me.  It's a place of healing, love, creativity and growth.  It just happens to be a bead store.  If I wanted to re-name it, I would change it to "everything jamie loves is in here".  And that's a perfect reminder that I do carry everything I love with me all the time.. in my heart.  The store is a convenient meeting place where YOU + me = Us

This move is meaningful. I am deliberate in using this change to reflect my inner changes as well.  I plan on doing what I know is right.  I want to move forward with honesty, balanced with compassion for myself, and others.  I want to experience abundance of spirit, love, and energy.  I will do my best to listen and follow through with my heart's messages, knowing that I am loved and supported in all that I do.

It is given.  It is free.  Amene.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogging.. what happened?

Question: So when did blogging turn from being a joy to a chore?  
Answer: Perhaps when I realized that I wasn't doing it for myself.

Journaling is intimate, focused inwards to my heart.  It allows me to be reflective and aware.  A blog is similar, but I found that I held back on some truths.  Many of those truths unveil a part of me that I am not used to sharing with the general public.

In the store, I'd like to think that I am being my TRUE SELF at all times.  But I know that I don't serve my highest good at all times.  I hold back.  I bite my tongue.  I shut up (even though it doesn't seem that way, huh Anna!!).  People hurt my feelings and I allow it.  People energetically help themselves without returning the love, and I allow it.   People bring their baggage and attempt to leave it.  And I allow it.

At what point do I say, NO THANKS!  I love you.  Please love me.

So, with that reflection, I say, goodbye blogging for entertainment.  Unless I want to be entertained.  Goodbye to blogging for information sharing.. Unless I want to share.  Goodbye to blogging, without being aware of my soul's purpose.  

THEN, when I do write something... it will be for my good, my evolution and my awareness.   And if I change my mind, then HELLO to balance, hello to acceptance, hello to equanimity.

don't you just love a win-win?

* * * * * * * * *

Here's a quote to inspire me:

Don't worry about what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come ALIVE and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
- howard thurman

here's a pic of jason's favorite bracelet.  knotted imperial topaz with all different religious symbols.  
he's added a couple more since this shoot...
i so admire my husband. he has such an open mind and acceptance about belief systems and his interest in the divine and his openness about each individual's personal journey with their god or gods... i'm fascinated by that!  mahalo, mahalo, mahalo ke akua!  i am grateful for the people that are in my life.  lessons abound!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year- come get blessed!

Happy New Year my friends! So many exciting things coming up... sooner than I ever imagined too!  We've been in business for 13 years, and in our Ward space for over 10 years now, and our lease comes up this year, so we plan on moving!   Keep updated, and we'll let you  know what happens :)

On that note, I've been breathing in, and breathing out a LOT!  Keeping calm and staying present in my body.. it's so tempting to jump forward to questions like "where are we going?"  "how will we get all that stuff over there?"  "what if business continues to decline?"  YIKES!!  so i just keep breathing and focusing on this very moment - where I am okay!  I am perfect as I am.   Mostly I write this to remind myself, in case you are wondering.

My beloved kumu is coming to The Bead Gallery to bless my friends and family!  Read below and email me if you want to come!!

Ho'omaka Blessing for the New Year!
Happy New Year! Let 's welcome the new year with love, gratitude and blessings! Join us for our Ho'omaka (new beginnings) mini sessions with my lomilomi and spiritual teacher, Kumu Karen Carroll!
She will be here doing blessings and energy clearings from head to toe! Perfect to start off the new year. We will also gift you with this sterling silver charm stamped with our very own angel wing/ho'omaka design!
Gina and I designed this charm for our family and friends, so that it would carry our love and intentions - to remind you that YOU are loved and cared for.
The angel wing - for protection and blessings, is combined with a tiny spiral to remind us that we are always able to experience NEW BEGINNINGS!
Saturday, January 22: 10:30 - 3:30pm and Wednesday, January 26: 1:0o - 6:00pm
We are scheduling appointments every 15 minutes, so contact us for your time! $35
Call (589–2600) or email for an appointment!
*We will have other ho'omaka shell pendants that have been blessed by kumu at the healing pools, and will also be doing custom stamping on-site as well, so if you want additional charms to be made with meaningful words, (like below) please let us know!