Friday, December 3, 2010

doing what i love....

dear bloggy:

where have i been?  following my heart.... i decided to write only when inspired.  not to entertain, and jeez... that left me without much to say in the recent months.

i've been busy doing spiritual readings at the store, and giving gemstone recommendations to people looking to enhance and become more aware of their being, and of their wellness.  that's been quite amazing.

yesterday, my mom said that she's going to write down EVERYTIME something serendipitous, "coincidental", or wish-come-true happens.   she already had one by 2pm yesterday.  now that's some awesome manifestation!  i really love her a lot. she's my inspiration and idol - she was cooking healthy and threw away her msg far before it became "popular" to cook without... she was recycling, reusing and renewing - sewing, and making things by hand when it was for those who "couldn't afford".  I'm amazed how she told me not to take too many medicines and adjusted her own heart medication decades ago, because she trusted her own body vs. the application of straight up western medicine.  I remember being HORRIFIED that she would over ride the doctor.  Now I'm just amazed at her intuition.  way to go mom!

So with that reflection, I realize that I  can trust myself.  I've seen enough, experienced it and need to believe.  NO wonder that's such a popular word: believe.

so bloggy.. i'll be back.  i'm busy being 4 decades old.  that's a lot of experiences to live with, things to reconsider, and constant evolving.

my first consideration is to follow my heart.  i'll start with that.. every day.. every minute and go from there.

With love and light, jamie

here's a cute candied box i made while i was sick at home this week:

 and here is a cute vintage lucite pink buddha that i brought home from the store, just because!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

what's the SALE?

i used to like sales.   until i realized that it was stuff that didn't sell.  that's ironic, that it's called a sale, huh!  anyhow, i've finally come to a point in my life where i have a LOT of beads.  and they are all mine!!  and i had the amazing realization that i will NEVER EVER use them all in my lifetime!

maybe this is what happens when 40 is coming.  at least for me.   i'm excited, and it seems so significant, and i feel like whatever i've been delaying or postponing... well, I'M GOING TO DO!

and so this leads to our exploding SALE table.  i've been putting a lot of stuff on SALE.  some of which i've outgrown in taste, style or interest, and others that i just have to let go of cause there is NO ROOM!  it's hard.  letting go is hard.

but here's what i've learned, especially in the last 13 years of beadstore owning:  material things come and go, but all the people that i've met and loved along the way are in my heart and that's something way more valuable than beads.  the store is an avenue for us to meet, greet, welcome, share, create and BE with other people- participating in LIFE with other spirits, and a place to experience love.  it could very well be boiled eggs, t-shirts or cups.  it just happens to be beads.

so goodbye little beads... bye bye freshwater pearls.  sayonara vintage glass.  SIDENOTE:  thanks to my marm for bagging them, tagging them and labeling them for sale!!  my idol :)

* * * * * * * 

here's just a scattering of photos of friends we've made along the journey - see the light that shines, the genuine connections that are made!  thank you to everyone - your picture may not be on this blog, but your spirit shines in my heart.

Friday, October 15, 2010

g-blog in da house!

my friend, geralyn/g-blog, was kicking it in the store with me today, and brought her canon 5d to visit me (an awesome camera with video capabilities).  She captured me in the moment of making her a wellness necklace, and we want to share it with you!

* * * * * *

and here's a fun pic of me and my friend, mary k.
i met her at at craft fair over 14 years ago, and learned how to do many MANY beading techniques from her.  that's where my love of wire, vintage beads, and peyote stitching started!!
 thanks mary, for your continued love and support!  and stop hiding behind me!!
very cute photo, thanks to g-blog of hokulii images

Sunday, October 3, 2010

inspire me and win a prize!


okay, i love 2 things a LOT.  Contests and being inspired.  SO, here's my contest.  Inspire me in any way you like to make a piece of jewelry for you... and the winner will get..... a piece of jewelry from me!

The "prize" may be simple (honestly, cause i haven't been beading much lately), but I've been feeling a surge of creative energies as I turned the calendar page and began the countdown to Christmas!  i just need some help getting focused and basically something out of the ordinary to entertain myself with!

Comment on the post, and I will read them.  I promise.  And yes, Michelle and Anna, you can enter ;) wink!

Be creative.  So will I!  

me 'n cissy desperately in need of something to motivate us!!
good nite! luv jamie

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

my present is my present!

september was overwhelmingly busy - 1 expo, 1 bead show, 4 birthdays, website renovation, 1 anniversary,  1 1st birthday party, 1 surprise birthday (yay gina!), my first acupuncture...... on top of our regular stuff.  OOOH, and my kindle, and my new video camera to do HD beading videos, hoooray!  no wonder i'm pooped out!

all this busy-ness got me to wondering.  am i happy doing all this stuff.  if i did absolutely NONE of it, would i be sitting here tonight feeling exactly the same?  do all of my paths converge into the same future, which is now my present?  is the present, called a present, because it's a gift?

so many questions.   here's some answers from the past 20 days that fill my heart with laughter and joy:
our 11th anniversary

me 'n stephen meditating with my massage equipment

cissy paddling with my rice paddle in my cooler boat

30 scoops of ice cream with my trainer, randy

all dressed up for the beadshow- fancy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

soul intentions at the bead gallery

7 years or so ago:
somewhere along the way of having a bead business, i realized that i wanted to work with my friends forever!  it's so much fun, i love it, and there's always laughter, support and sharing.

i used to WISH we could have a jewelry business together, and simply make stuff and sell it.  years passed and i talked about it, and pondered.  as i moved forward into expressing my love and spiritual guidance through healing with gems, the plan solidified.

last year:
the plan: i would make jewelry and sell it with my friends!!   so funny to hear the same idea over so many years, and finally having the courage to move forward.  after much thought and sharing with the girls, we agreed that we wanted to have fun, and to share our love and best intentions with others.  we would not take into consideration fear based questions like, "will people like it?" "is is too expensive?"  "should we use cheaper materials" "do those colors look good together?" and so on!

all we focused on was transporting healing energies through our thoughts, designs, execution, and sharing. it was an amazing process because i felt no fear, anxiety or self-doubt about pursuing this plan. 

fast forward to our unveiling of the soul intention jewelry tonight:
after our first night at the women's expo, we sold absolutely NO jewelry.  we left in high spirits, laughing, enjoying each other's company, our hearts filled with love, and looking forward to tomorrow.

we are successful, we are true to our mission and we loving our lives.  there is nothing more i can ask for.  i know that we are serving a higher purpose, and i will hold that in my heart.   the mind is a funny thing - it wants to convince us that we are not deserving, not good enough, or that our dreams can't come true.  the heart and soul send messages of trust, support and knowingness that everything is unfolding JUST as it should.

kahe wale, baby!  let it flow!
thanks especially to michelle, gina, amanda, jana, cass, bonnie, jo ann, anna, jason- for the extra help these last few weeks - making it possible to fuse everything and everyone i love into one wonderful experience called LIFE!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

vacations are fun!!!

jason and i went to boulder for my friend's (since 7th grade) wedding!  to relax after all the wedding activites, we chilled out in san diego with the animals.  so amazing to see them up close.  here's some highlights from our trip last month.

crazy guy at orchid farm - choosing centerpieces for jen's wedding

shy panda in San Diego!   the highlight of my trip!!

sleepy panda baby

cutest koala!!  so tired.....
happy beignets about to be eaten in Boulder!
crazy guy at celestial seasonings factory - he keeps popping up in my photos!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

at kumu's house

kumu and i creatively brainstormed today, about all the things we love! yippee!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

soulscape haul

hi gina, (and all my other bloggy friends) here is my new "haul" from soulscape in encinitas. ccg: i got you a goodie from this super cool store, just want to say THANKS for loving me and for keeping my creative flow going while i have no beads around me :) this computer video stuff is quite fun, creativity in ANY form gets me going!!!

luv ya!! jamie

Friday, August 13, 2010

i'm a beauty guru!

thanks to gina and to you tube, i've been hooked on watching "beauty gurus" online, and learning make-up tips, how to "wing" my eyeliner, hide the shadows under my eyes, stretch out my high heels, poof out my hair, have a "back to school" look, and so on!

it's fascinating, compelling, beyond understanding, and tad bit disenchanting, but once i start clicking, i can't stop! it's amazing to watch them go from ordinary to unrecognizable with the help of beauty aids. i'm addicted!

some of these "beauty gurus" just suck you in, and as a tribute to them and a gift to gina, here is my very own beauty vlog!

and yes, you can be a beauty guru online too! come over and i'll video you with my mac, and we can post it online.. make sure your tips are just as helpful as mine, though :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

my crystal fix!

i love sparkling things! here is a quick demo to show you how EASY it is! I've been doing it for years, and just recently realized...
if i SHOW you how easy it is, you will finally BELIEVE me!!!

at the very least, Gina and I had a great time playing around after the store closes ;) thanks gina, you're a doll! not only did she shoot the video, she loaned me the shirt off her back for the demonstration. hey, no video of that!!

bling bling! jamie

Saturday, July 17, 2010

desperately seeking perfection

an apt title for this blog entry. haven't blogged in a while cause i had a GREAT idea of making a little video of me showing you how to use the hotfix rhinestone setter, demonstrating how EASY it is to add swarovski crystals to clothes, bags, scarves, hats....... and putting it on my bloggy!

then i was going to put the hotfix tool on sale at half off, so that we can all walk around in our sparkling outfits!!!

BUT, i haven't had time to make such video, much less put the setters on display, or even talk about it with customers cause i've found other fires to put out. SO, because i couldn't move forward with that project, i just couldn't move forward with blogging. CRAZY huh. and i'm sure there are many of you nodding your heads in agreement, about how our minds make rules that we think we must follow. i forget that perfection isn't a goal to achieve, it's just being here in this moment!

well ladies, tonight, i'm breaking that habit of waiting for that "perfect moment" or for everything to "align perfectly", or "go in perfect order", and i'm moving back into the flow and i'm here to say, "IT'S ALL GOOD!" no video, no samples. i'm still blogging, and i'm not going to even post a pic. how's that for some rule breaking??

i am perfect as i am. and so are you. right now, i am loving myself completely with gentleness and compassion. please gift yourself with that as well!!

love to you, jamie

p.s. want to see me sparkle-ize something? bring it in, and i'll hotfix a crystal to it for you! my treat! (make sure i'm in before you come!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

texting my heart out!

so kelli, my beloved employee, left for new york last year. tomorrow, it makes ONE YEAR, wow! isn't that synchronistic that i felt compelled to write this?

i feel like i watched her grow from girl to woman, and i am so proud of her, and love her so

loving someone that much, made it hard to let her go to and not be able to watch her embrace the world. i was so tempted to call and ask questions, offer advice, and want to steer her in the "right" direction. MY direction, in retrospect. it's so hard NOT to interfere, but i learned to separate MY fears and anxieties from hers. so i bit my tongue, and for the past year resisted calling, spying, interrogating and just watched her from afar i.e. Facebook!

last week, i felt a tug of worry as we drove to work. suddenly she was at the very surface of my heart, i hoped she was okay, and i felt like i needed to do something. so i did a quick prayer, texted her my love and hit send.

later that day, she let me know she had gone home cause she felt really sick. just confirmation that love connects us. even without email, facebook, iphones.... all i have to do is trust my heart. it sends and receives so easily...

thank you kelli! we are and always will be connected through love, laughter and joy!

here's a picture of me, wearing one of her earring creations! did i mention she's a jewelry designer in new york? whoo hooooo!! i'm so proud, my smile looks too big for the photo!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sunrise at waimanalo

sunrise at waimanalo, so beautiful... so worth waking up at 4am for!

my sistah "g-blog" of hokuli'i images took this picture, and i MUST say, that i LOVE looking at this pic of me and my luvie! she took it on MONDAY, and it's only wednesday nite, but i've looked at it many many times!

every day, i see him through MY eyes. many times distracted by the day, and all the little things that fill up my hours, until i realize... whoa, where'd my day go? it's amazing to see "us" from a different perspective. from 3 feet away. to see what he sees when i look at him.

13 years - we've been together and my heart is filled with so much love and when i SEE that love and joy, captured so clearly- it centers my heart and my life and reminds me of what i am here for. beauty, love, companionship, laughter, comfort, loyalty, understanding, friendship.

i am focused. just like this picture. centered on what's important, and fuzzy around the edges.

i am so grateful for all the love in my life!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

aquamarine rock

so bebe made this gorgeous necklace featuring our shell pendant toggle clasp in the front - so pretty!!!! and speaking of necklaces, i was inspired to make a gift-wrapped aqua pendant for myself, just yesterday!

this baby fist-sized chunk of aquamarine is more for display (ON ME!) than for jewelry, but it made us LAUGH once i put it on! amanda voted for a thick silver chain, to balance out the 1/2 lb. stone, but i thought that the cord looked much more pleasing, HA HA!

i could only wear it for like a few minutes, before it was WAY too heavy. come in and try it on.. it'll make you laugh too!

byeee! jamie

Monday, June 7, 2010

put your best intentions into it

Had a round of intention knotting classes this weekend, and it was terrific! I made new friends, they made beautiful, meaningful and supportive jewelry, and I practiced communicating my insights and gemstone messages.

Allison's gems were aquamarine, kunzite, and moonstone, basically for peace, love and insight. I say basically, cause it took 30 minutes to convey the message, but for bloggy's sake, i cut it down!

After 3 appointments - LUNCH! boy, all that holding a space in my heart for my peeps made me hungry!

Emilie made this gorgeous knotted bracelet with ametrine, kyanite, ruby in zoisite, green amethyst, pink sapphire and blue sapphire. Her gems supported communication, connection to the divine, making a space in our hearts for love, encouragement to follow thru and flexibility of mind and heart. SO wonderful!!!

What a great day.. i love putting our intentions, listening to our messages from our hearts, and allowing spirit to flow while creating a supportive adornment for our bodies.

Love to you all! going to exercise and make another bracelet for ME today!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dirty jewelry? no way!

Spent hours making beautiful earrings and necklaces, only to have it yellowy-grey and dingy after a few months?

Dirty jewelry! What causes it and what to do!

Very simply, our skin, moisturizers, make-up, chemicals, smoke, foods, and air can cause our jewelry to turn dark and dirty (see below).

What do we do at TBG? Polish it with a non-toxic cloth/pad, spray it with a non-toxic, non-acidic enzyme, or throw it in the tumbler.

Our favorite is the tumbler cause we can LOAD it up with beads and finished jewelry, turn it on, walk away and come back to it looking awesome! It uses stainless steel shot (jason's homemade mix) and a little bit of soap, and you're green lit to go!

Bring in something tarnished, yellowed or just in need, and we can guide you to products that will help, and if there's time, we may even clean it for you!

jason recently ordered a limited amount of tumblers, and we have a handful left in stock. email for more info!

three cheers for clean jewelry!

luv jamie

Thursday, May 6, 2010

love making the jewelries!

my friend mi'ilani brought her friend akiko to the store, so i did a mini cupcake wellness for her! i did a reading, a gemstone consult and made these pretty earrings (that we did a quick blessing and set our intentions on)! Love it!!

it's a dream come true for me, to have a bead store AND use all my skills and inspiration to design jewelry that is meaningful and carries the vibration of love and positive energy for that specific person!

i wish i could do this every day! in fact, i will make myself a bracelet for that VERY wish! let you know how it goes...

luv ya! jamie

Saturday, May 1, 2010

charity fair countdown....

just a few more hours of prep work to go and ready for Sunday, May 2nd charity fair from 10-2.

putting the final touches on my silent auction silver clay charms donation, and the store is in gear for tomorrow! we will have it out in the courtyard, so dress for warm weather!

looking forward to tomorrow, yippee!!!!
love jamie

Friday, April 30, 2010

we need your help for hawaii's kids!

Kids Hurt Too (one of our charities close to our BG hearts) is one of the groups that got to work with ProjectFocus Hawaii!

ProjectFocus Hawaii is a local non-profit run by Lisa and Laurie, and is VERY close to my, and especially Jason's heart. He has always told me how much photography has meant to him and his creative expression, and how we believed that it could be a wonderful experience for kids. When we found out about ProjectFocus, it was like a dream come true. We look forward to working with them AND if they get VOTED TOP 10 PROJECTS AT THE END OF THIS DAY, THEY GET $25,000!

Please click here and vote! The last time we rallied, we got 50,000 books for Hawaii's keiki that arrived last month, yippeee!!!

Rally rally, come on peeps! Just vote.. you will have to either facebook, or fill out the form but $25k for Hawaii's kids at risk, is worth it!

Project Focus Goals

  • • Encourage children to have a "voice" through the camera lens
  • • Build self-esteem and self-awareness through use of photography
  • • Facilitate private school scholarships for deserving participants
  • • Provide mentoring opportunities for kids beyond scope of program
  • • Provide media exposure & visibility for our non-profit partners'

LOVE Jamie!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Charity Fair, for your mama!

Makana mai ka pu'uwai! Gift from the heart :)
Here's some pics of what you will see this Sunday May 2nd at our annual Mothers Day Charity Fair!!

Slap on some sunblock, and head on down from 10 -2pm! We got baked goodies, jewelry, crafts, silent auction, raffle, and neat things - ALL for charity!! 25 - 100% off the monies we make go to various local organizations like, foodbank, meals on wheels, path clinic, kapiolani breast health center, kids hurt too, and MORE!

This is somewhere along the lines of our 11th one, and we hope you can join us as we look forward to raising $10,000 or more for our charities! We've hit that goal MULTIPLE times, let's do it again!!

See you Sunday!
byeee, jamie

Sunday, April 18, 2010

fibers are pretty too!

so now that we are officially on a kumihimo rampage, i'm totally into threads. look at our new pretties that just came in! michelle and i coordinated some of the hand-dyed silks and here's just some of our new combos!


and in case you were wondering where michelle's color and design skills come from... take a look at what here mom made us for easter!! evelyn is so talented with her flower designs, and i've been a fortunate recipient for the last decade.

sometimes, i get the impression that people believe that being creative is inherent. like, you are, or you aren't. you are born that way, and the end. this is based on years of observing my customers telling me this "fact". like, my hair is brown and i'm not creative.

i think that creativity shows up in how we deal with things, roll with the punches, adapt to not having enough, or having too much. i truly believe we are all creative and allowing ourselves to feel inspiration and express that energy from within is key to our happiness and why we are here.

if you want to tap into your creative self, and need some assistance in doing so, email me. i'm happy to spend some time with you to jumpstart your creative flow!

aloha! jamie