Sunday, April 18, 2010

fibers are pretty too!

so now that we are officially on a kumihimo rampage, i'm totally into threads. look at our new pretties that just came in! michelle and i coordinated some of the hand-dyed silks and here's just some of our new combos!


and in case you were wondering where michelle's color and design skills come from... take a look at what here mom made us for easter!! evelyn is so talented with her flower designs, and i've been a fortunate recipient for the last decade.

sometimes, i get the impression that people believe that being creative is inherent. like, you are, or you aren't. you are born that way, and the end. this is based on years of observing my customers telling me this "fact". like, my hair is brown and i'm not creative.

i think that creativity shows up in how we deal with things, roll with the punches, adapt to not having enough, or having too much. i truly believe we are all creative and allowing ourselves to feel inspiration and express that energy from within is key to our happiness and why we are here.

if you want to tap into your creative self, and need some assistance in doing so, email me. i'm happy to spend some time with you to jumpstart your creative flow!

aloha! jamie

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