Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year- come get blessed!

Happy New Year my friends! So many exciting things coming up... sooner than I ever imagined too!  We've been in business for 13 years, and in our Ward space for over 10 years now, and our lease comes up this year, so we plan on moving!   Keep updated, and we'll let you  know what happens :)

On that note, I've been breathing in, and breathing out a LOT!  Keeping calm and staying present in my body.. it's so tempting to jump forward to questions like "where are we going?"  "how will we get all that stuff over there?"  "what if business continues to decline?"  YIKES!!  so i just keep breathing and focusing on this very moment - where I am okay!  I am perfect as I am.   Mostly I write this to remind myself, in case you are wondering.

My beloved kumu is coming to The Bead Gallery to bless my friends and family!  Read below and email me if you want to come!!

Ho'omaka Blessing for the New Year!
Happy New Year! Let 's welcome the new year with love, gratitude and blessings! Join us for our Ho'omaka (new beginnings) mini sessions with my lomilomi and spiritual teacher, Kumu Karen Carroll!
She will be here doing blessings and energy clearings from head to toe! Perfect to start off the new year. We will also gift you with this sterling silver charm stamped with our very own angel wing/ho'omaka design!
Gina and I designed this charm for our family and friends, so that it would carry our love and intentions - to remind you that YOU are loved and cared for.
The angel wing - for protection and blessings, is combined with a tiny spiral to remind us that we are always able to experience NEW BEGINNINGS!
Saturday, January 22: 10:30 - 3:30pm and Wednesday, January 26: 1:0o - 6:00pm
We are scheduling appointments every 15 minutes, so contact us for your time! $35
Call (589–2600) or email for an appointment!
*We will have other ho'omaka shell pendants that have been blessed by kumu at the healing pools, and will also be doing custom stamping on-site as well, so if you want additional charms to be made with meaningful words, (like below) please let us know!