Friday, December 3, 2010

doing what i love....

dear bloggy:

where have i been?  following my heart.... i decided to write only when inspired.  not to entertain, and jeez... that left me without much to say in the recent months.

i've been busy doing spiritual readings at the store, and giving gemstone recommendations to people looking to enhance and become more aware of their being, and of their wellness.  that's been quite amazing.

yesterday, my mom said that she's going to write down EVERYTIME something serendipitous, "coincidental", or wish-come-true happens.   she already had one by 2pm yesterday.  now that's some awesome manifestation!  i really love her a lot. she's my inspiration and idol - she was cooking healthy and threw away her msg far before it became "popular" to cook without... she was recycling, reusing and renewing - sewing, and making things by hand when it was for those who "couldn't afford".  I'm amazed how she told me not to take too many medicines and adjusted her own heart medication decades ago, because she trusted her own body vs. the application of straight up western medicine.  I remember being HORRIFIED that she would over ride the doctor.  Now I'm just amazed at her intuition.  way to go mom!

So with that reflection, I realize that I  can trust myself.  I've seen enough, experienced it and need to believe.  NO wonder that's such a popular word: believe.

so bloggy.. i'll be back.  i'm busy being 4 decades old.  that's a lot of experiences to live with, things to reconsider, and constant evolving.

my first consideration is to follow my heart.  i'll start with that.. every day.. every minute and go from there.

With love and light, jamie

here's a cute candied box i made while i was sick at home this week:

 and here is a cute vintage lucite pink buddha that i brought home from the store, just because!