Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Get Rid of The Bead Show Blues!

I used to think that if things weren't going well with our store and at bead shows, then it was due to the ECONOMY!  We've done bead shows for YEARS and starting in 2007, sales dropped every year 'til we were just covering the cost of doing the show.

That sucked!  It took so much energy and manpower to prepare for the show, set-up, staff and break-down, that I dreaded the bead shows.  Until last week.

I changed my attitude going into this.  As we headed into September, I volunteered to do the show (which I have never done willingly and with such excitement).  And then I said, "Michelle, let's go and do make 'n takes!"  Something we've never done before.

In the past, we've always tried to accommodate the customer.  We tried taking stuff that was NEW.  We tried taking stuff at marked down sales.  We tried taking things no one else would have.  We tried taking things that were all $1.  Over 15 years and averaging 2 shows a year.. we tried a LOT!  Tried is the key word, as I always left feeling unsuccessful and disappointed.

This year, I wanted to do what would please me and bring us joy.  So Michelle and I picked projects that WE liked a lot.  We made kits with beads that we thought were energetically pleasing, and that would add to our customer's lives!  We threw together quick video tutorials teaching things that WE thought were important, and we went to the show.

What a difference!  Maybe the economy is better.  Maybe people like make 'n takes.  Maybe is was the shift in my thinking.  This time instead of analyzing it to death, I'm going to stop thinking and just say, "We were busy and having fun!"

I honestly did not care whether people wanted to do our projects or not!  I love them!  I felt no worries about making sales, or if people thought our kits were valuable.  I think they are the BOMB!

Based on past show experiences, I brought my ipad, and 2 crafty books to read during the "slow parts", ended up not even having time for a real lunch!  I didn't even stress about unpleasant customers (yes, this is real life, not a fairy tale, so there are unpleasant beaders out there) and none of them stopped at our booth!

I focused on my recent mantra which is to, "Follow the threads of truth to my own happiness.  Observe and move on."  

I had the loveliest and BEST time ever at this show.  I am writing this to remind my future self that following my joy, listening to my heart and trusting myself = life worthy moments!

Now, to apply this to everyday.  Yes, I will.  And you can too.  Sending you support and positive vibes!   :)

aloha, jamie