Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 - Happy New Year!

Dear Jamie,

This year, I resolve to listen to my heart and love with ALL my heart.  I will stop and be in the moment, especially when I am tempted to react in fear.  I know that I fear many things:  fear of disappointing others, fear of not being liked, fear of being left behind, fear of not being included, fear of looking foolish, ... and the list goes on.   You may find we have a lot in common. :)

Because I fear those things, I tend to react too quickly in situations where I feel vulnerable.  I used to quickly cover up with rejection before I get rejected, anger: before I could get yelled at, dislike: before I could be disliked...  and again the list goes on.  again.   It's amazing how we protect ourselves, and the very thing that protected me was also the same thing that didn't allow the love to flow.

In the past couple of years, I learned a lot by putting myself in "risky" situations.  By being myself, being TRUE to myself and listening to my heart.  I stopped writing here because I had nothing new to share.  I stopped posting because it stopped pleasing me.  Today it pleases me to write and though I still have nothing NEW to share, I'm ready to heal a lot more of the old.  This year is about coming to terms with a LOT of stuff that has brought me here, and I'm ready to move forward mindfully and I'm willing to push past my fear.

So if you are reading this.. know that you are LOVED, understood and cared for.  Not just by me, but by the universe, and if you are willing to accept that love, then the flood gates will open and you WILL feel the love flow.  Stop saying, "no", unless someone is hurting you.  Stop saying "later", unless you are talking about dying.  Stop saying "I can't", unless you REALLY cannot.  e.g. "i can't hear you," because I'm truly deaf in my left ear :) wink!

Include more Yes's, I'd love to's, I can's, I will's, and I love myself's!!!  We are truly valuable and we MUST must MUST practice and believe this.  and if you need a helping hand, come see me.  I have some different things we can think about, do, believe, and create together.  I've been blessed with many helping hands and helping hearts around me, and I extend the same to you :)

with love and aloha!  jamie
ps.  you can FLY!!!