Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Get Rid of The Bead Show Blues!

I used to think that if things weren't going well with our store and at bead shows, then it was due to the ECONOMY!  We've done bead shows for YEARS and starting in 2007, sales dropped every year 'til we were just covering the cost of doing the show.

That sucked!  It took so much energy and manpower to prepare for the show, set-up, staff and break-down, that I dreaded the bead shows.  Until last week.

I changed my attitude going into this.  As we headed into September, I volunteered to do the show (which I have never done willingly and with such excitement).  And then I said, "Michelle, let's go and do make 'n takes!"  Something we've never done before.

In the past, we've always tried to accommodate the customer.  We tried taking stuff that was NEW.  We tried taking stuff at marked down sales.  We tried taking things no one else would have.  We tried taking things that were all $1.  Over 15 years and averaging 2 shows a year.. we tried a LOT!  Tried is the key word, as I always left feeling unsuccessful and disappointed.

This year, I wanted to do what would please me and bring us joy.  So Michelle and I picked projects that WE liked a lot.  We made kits with beads that we thought were energetically pleasing, and that would add to our customer's lives!  We threw together quick video tutorials teaching things that WE thought were important, and we went to the show.

What a difference!  Maybe the economy is better.  Maybe people like make 'n takes.  Maybe is was the shift in my thinking.  This time instead of analyzing it to death, I'm going to stop thinking and just say, "We were busy and having fun!"

I honestly did not care whether people wanted to do our projects or not!  I love them!  I felt no worries about making sales, or if people thought our kits were valuable.  I think they are the BOMB!

Based on past show experiences, I brought my ipad, and 2 crafty books to read during the "slow parts", ended up not even having time for a real lunch!  I didn't even stress about unpleasant customers (yes, this is real life, not a fairy tale, so there are unpleasant beaders out there) and none of them stopped at our booth!

I focused on my recent mantra which is to, "Follow the threads of truth to my own happiness.  Observe and move on."  

I had the loveliest and BEST time ever at this show.  I am writing this to remind my future self that following my joy, listening to my heart and trusting myself = life worthy moments!

Now, to apply this to everyday.  Yes, I will.  And you can too.  Sending you support and positive vibes!   :)

aloha, jamie

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back Breaking Lessons in Life:)

I've been experiencing back problems for the past couple of months as a "by-product" of a minor surgery early this year.  It's been extremely educating and despite the spasms, I have learned quite a bit.

List of Important Things I Learned (& must remember):

1) Resting is very important!  
Your body heals very well with a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.  As I facebooked Cass my excited realization - sleep is probably the most under rated cure for all ailments!  With the help of sleep aids, I slept 8-10 hours a night for 3 days in a row.  That was a FIRST for me in decades! 
It was amazing - a deep cut under my thumbnail that was bothering me for weeks, disappeared.  
The shooting pains in arthritic finger ceased (too much bead drilling in the past month).  
My blood sugars stayed lower throughout the day, without changing my diet.
I felt less edgy, less frustrated and felt like there was more breath in my body.
My back began to heal and the sharp, pinchy pains gave way to "just" discomfort.

2) Compassion.
Customers and friends have told me about their back pain in the past, and because of their cheerful and loving demeanors, it was easy to forget that they were uncomfortable.   Now, after experiencing my own chronic discomfort, I was illuminated by the understanding that they CHOOSE to be happy!  Thank you Bonnie and Lois for being wonderful teachers!

3) My body is a TEMPLE.
I am so happy to report that business is picking up after 4+ years of sluggish and sometimes anxiety filled days and nights as a store owner!  Yippee!! But why now?  I asked myself this every day!  While thankful for customers, all I wanted to do was lie down!   My awesome physical therapist, Neil Shimabukuro, PRESCRIBED me 2 days of rest and lying down.  NOTHING else.  I was so resistant, and felt that EVERYTHING else was more important than me lying down.  How could I lie down?  We have employees out.. we have custom classes....we have customers and bills.... I must go to work.  I must take care of things...  does this sound familiar?

My back said, NO!, and though spirit was willing, I stayed home.  It ended up being so healing, I even stayed home for a THIRD day AND had a massage therapist come to my home and work on my back!  

I kept saying to myself, I am worthy.  I must honor my body. My spirit needs a body to house it.  No body = nobody.

4) I am the most important person in the world.  To ME!!
It's humbling to realize that life is perfect, with and without me.  The only person I can count on, who will stick up for me whenever I need her,  that will be with me for my entire life, that I can trust completely and always count on for feeling loved and understood, is ME.   

Love yourself completely and fully.  You are worth it, and you are perfect as you are.  And if you find yourself complaining, whining, being impatient, focusing only on what's WRONG in your life, or talking about someone else without love in your heart... Take a NAP!  

love and aloha!  jamie

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Bracelet Rack!

Well, this is one of my bracelet racks...  This is my Holy Grail (as you-tubers refer to it as "H.G") of bracelets.  I wear almost ALL of them, which is why you see me with anywhere from 3-8 bracelets daily!  They are gifts from friends, things I've made, and a lot of gemstone healing/energizing bracelets that "speak" to me when I get ready.

Sometimes, I am disappointed when the ones that I NEED to wear don't match my outfit, but fascinatingly, they match ME!  

• When I'm teaching a class to a bunch of new people, I'll wear rose quartz and black tourmaline for love and protection.  

• When I know it's going to be a busy day, I'll reach for the amazonite, turquoise, rutilated quartz combo:  for energy, strength and to power thru the day!

•  If I'm feeling unsure or just not "with it", I'll take my standby combo of rose quartz, black spinel and citrine.... hoooo-yah!  Powered up and ready to go :)

I have all kinds of gem combos that appeal to me... and I love sharing what I know with all my customers so it's truly a blessing to have a bead store!

see you soon!
love love, jamie

p.s. email me or post pics of YOUR bracelet rack to our facebook page!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Polls are Fun!

Thank you to everyone who took  my "bead treat" poll!  Michelle and I spend a lot of time thinking about what you want to make, but since we are not "mind-readers", (just heart-readers),  it's nice to get real-life feedback!

We are working on some new bead treats, and here's a peek at an oldie-but a goodie.  It's something we had as a potential class years ago, when macrame was NOT so popular, but we hung onto it!

Yay, because now that it's super popular.... we are bringing it back!

look for it on our website, and on our facebook page when we pick dates to teach it!

I am welcome to your ideas and suggestions, so if there is anything you are interested in, lmk!  We'll see if we can do it as a bead treat!  Comment here or email me directly!

aloha, jamie

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Charity Fair 2012

Please come to our Charity Fair this Sunday, May 6th from 10am -2pm!  

This fair started about 13 years ago, in my first attempt to raise money to support a local organization called Kapiolani Breast Health Center.  They had supported my friend, Brenda, through her breast cancer, surgery and recovery and I wanted to do something "REAL" to show my gratitude for Brenda's survival and thankfulness for the loving care she received.

Our very first fair was held at my mom's house, and we invited a small group of friends raised a couple thousand dollars by selling store samples and donating 100% of our proceeds, and asking our participating friends to donate a portion of their sales as well.

As our customer base grew, so did our fair, AND the number of organizations we were able to support!     We increased it to twice a year, and I was so lucky to have Anna and Michelle really take over the reins in the past couple of years, so that I could do the "marketing" and social invitations!

We've raised over $100,000 since our very first fair, and extended YOUR support to so many places that flourish with your donations, so Thank YOU, thank YOU, mahalo!  Hey, click here to see a list!

Just like the little plant below (that will be at the fair!).. it's so wonderful so see growth, to feel the extension of our energy in tangible and helpful ways, and to know that we can stand by ourselves, but we are STRONG as a community!

Love love and more love to you, jamie
btw: contact me if you should want to participate, donate or get involved in future fairs!

This cute lil plant is just one of the many things we'll have for sale!
pocket plantie.. just last week
and look at her now!!

p.s. thank you gayle for your love, time and donation, AND for "rooting" these babies, giving them a sturdy foundation so that they can continue to grow after they are adopted into their new homes!

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Sun Sign Rules!

Why do I love beading and why do I love to teach?  Probably because I'm a Sagittarius and these are major elements of my sign.  Freedom... the freedom to express myself creatively and to allow my jewelry to say what I mean, and show how I feel.  I put a lot of thought, love and my spirit into all of my pieces, and I  do my best to teach that to my customers and friends.  Truth... I can allow my jewelry to express my honesty, beyond my words of the present moment, because I can speak my truth once, but the adornment is a talisman, and a lasting reminder of my expression of love, caring, and healing.  Learning... I am interested in everyone and everything.. if I weren't a bead store owner, I'd be a questioner (that's a job that I just made up).  I'd ask people questions all day so that I could see new ideas, new perspectives and see the world with new eyes, every day!

I love teaching and sharing because it's a wonderful way to express my joy in all the things that I've learned that expand my perspective, my mind, spirit and heart.  There is a sense of community being built when I can show someone how to access their creativity, and it's a wonderful feeling to share in their happy moment when the spark is lit!

After 20 years of beading, I've adapted to new styles, trends, techniques and have discovered so many things along the way!
I learned to be accepting when things don't turn out the way I expected.
I learned to be creative with limited supplies.
I learned patience by doing things repeatedly until I reached the end.
I learned to adapt by changing my mindset and expectations when things broke, ran out or didn't fit.
I learned problem-solving when faced with great ideas but not yet having the skills to execute it.
I learned that success is personal, ever changing, and involves loving what I'm doing and staying true to that focus.

I've practiced these skills in my craft, and then extended it to my life and my relationships.

In truth, it's not just my astrological sign that has determined my love for beading and teaching. :)  I've learned so much about myself, how to access joy, and how to love my life through this process we call "beading".  The relationships that I've created and sustained through sharing my love for creating and healing has come together, and I plan on continuing this practice, one bead at at time... one person at a time.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 - Happy New Year!

Dear Jamie,

This year, I resolve to listen to my heart and love with ALL my heart.  I will stop and be in the moment, especially when I am tempted to react in fear.  I know that I fear many things:  fear of disappointing others, fear of not being liked, fear of being left behind, fear of not being included, fear of looking foolish, ... and the list goes on.   You may find we have a lot in common. :)

Because I fear those things, I tend to react too quickly in situations where I feel vulnerable.  I used to quickly cover up with rejection before I get rejected, anger: before I could get yelled at, dislike: before I could be disliked...  and again the list goes on.  again.   It's amazing how we protect ourselves, and the very thing that protected me was also the same thing that didn't allow the love to flow.

In the past couple of years, I learned a lot by putting myself in "risky" situations.  By being myself, being TRUE to myself and listening to my heart.  I stopped writing here because I had nothing new to share.  I stopped posting because it stopped pleasing me.  Today it pleases me to write and though I still have nothing NEW to share, I'm ready to heal a lot more of the old.  This year is about coming to terms with a LOT of stuff that has brought me here, and I'm ready to move forward mindfully and I'm willing to push past my fear.

So if you are reading this.. know that you are LOVED, understood and cared for.  Not just by me, but by the universe, and if you are willing to accept that love, then the flood gates will open and you WILL feel the love flow.  Stop saying, "no", unless someone is hurting you.  Stop saying "later", unless you are talking about dying.  Stop saying "I can't", unless you REALLY cannot.  e.g. "i can't hear you," because I'm truly deaf in my left ear :) wink!

Include more Yes's, I'd love to's, I can's, I will's, and I love myself's!!!  We are truly valuable and we MUST must MUST practice and believe this.  and if you need a helping hand, come see me.  I have some different things we can think about, do, believe, and create together.  I've been blessed with many helping hands and helping hearts around me, and I extend the same to you :)

with love and aloha!  jamie
ps.  you can FLY!!!