Monday, August 13, 2012

Back Breaking Lessons in Life:)

I've been experiencing back problems for the past couple of months as a "by-product" of a minor surgery early this year.  It's been extremely educating and despite the spasms, I have learned quite a bit.

List of Important Things I Learned (& must remember):

1) Resting is very important!  
Your body heals very well with a minimum of 8 hours of sleep.  As I facebooked Cass my excited realization - sleep is probably the most under rated cure for all ailments!  With the help of sleep aids, I slept 8-10 hours a night for 3 days in a row.  That was a FIRST for me in decades! 
It was amazing - a deep cut under my thumbnail that was bothering me for weeks, disappeared.  
The shooting pains in arthritic finger ceased (too much bead drilling in the past month).  
My blood sugars stayed lower throughout the day, without changing my diet.
I felt less edgy, less frustrated and felt like there was more breath in my body.
My back began to heal and the sharp, pinchy pains gave way to "just" discomfort.

2) Compassion.
Customers and friends have told me about their back pain in the past, and because of their cheerful and loving demeanors, it was easy to forget that they were uncomfortable.   Now, after experiencing my own chronic discomfort, I was illuminated by the understanding that they CHOOSE to be happy!  Thank you Bonnie and Lois for being wonderful teachers!

3) My body is a TEMPLE.
I am so happy to report that business is picking up after 4+ years of sluggish and sometimes anxiety filled days and nights as a store owner!  Yippee!! But why now?  I asked myself this every day!  While thankful for customers, all I wanted to do was lie down!   My awesome physical therapist, Neil Shimabukuro, PRESCRIBED me 2 days of rest and lying down.  NOTHING else.  I was so resistant, and felt that EVERYTHING else was more important than me lying down.  How could I lie down?  We have employees out.. we have custom classes....we have customers and bills.... I must go to work.  I must take care of things...  does this sound familiar?

My back said, NO!, and though spirit was willing, I stayed home.  It ended up being so healing, I even stayed home for a THIRD day AND had a massage therapist come to my home and work on my back!  

I kept saying to myself, I am worthy.  I must honor my body. My spirit needs a body to house it.  No body = nobody.

4) I am the most important person in the world.  To ME!!
It's humbling to realize that life is perfect, with and without me.  The only person I can count on, who will stick up for me whenever I need her,  that will be with me for my entire life, that I can trust completely and always count on for feeling loved and understood, is ME.   

Love yourself completely and fully.  You are worth it, and you are perfect as you are.  And if you find yourself complaining, whining, being impatient, focusing only on what's WRONG in your life, or talking about someone else without love in your heart... Take a NAP!  

love and aloha!  jamie

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