Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Bracelet Rack!

Well, this is one of my bracelet racks...  This is my Holy Grail (as you-tubers refer to it as "H.G") of bracelets.  I wear almost ALL of them, which is why you see me with anywhere from 3-8 bracelets daily!  They are gifts from friends, things I've made, and a lot of gemstone healing/energizing bracelets that "speak" to me when I get ready.

Sometimes, I am disappointed when the ones that I NEED to wear don't match my outfit, but fascinatingly, they match ME!  

• When I'm teaching a class to a bunch of new people, I'll wear rose quartz and black tourmaline for love and protection.  

• When I know it's going to be a busy day, I'll reach for the amazonite, turquoise, rutilated quartz combo:  for energy, strength and to power thru the day!

•  If I'm feeling unsure or just not "with it", I'll take my standby combo of rose quartz, black spinel and citrine.... hoooo-yah!  Powered up and ready to go :)

I have all kinds of gem combos that appeal to me... and I love sharing what I know with all my customers so it's truly a blessing to have a bead store!

see you soon!
love love, jamie

p.s. email me or post pics of YOUR bracelet rack to our facebook page!! 

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