Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Charity Fair 2012

Please come to our Charity Fair this Sunday, May 6th from 10am -2pm!  

This fair started about 13 years ago, in my first attempt to raise money to support a local organization called Kapiolani Breast Health Center.  They had supported my friend, Brenda, through her breast cancer, surgery and recovery and I wanted to do something "REAL" to show my gratitude for Brenda's survival and thankfulness for the loving care she received.

Our very first fair was held at my mom's house, and we invited a small group of friends raised a couple thousand dollars by selling store samples and donating 100% of our proceeds, and asking our participating friends to donate a portion of their sales as well.

As our customer base grew, so did our fair, AND the number of organizations we were able to support!     We increased it to twice a year, and I was so lucky to have Anna and Michelle really take over the reins in the past couple of years, so that I could do the "marketing" and social invitations!

We've raised over $100,000 since our very first fair, and extended YOUR support to so many places that flourish with your donations, so Thank YOU, thank YOU, mahalo!  Hey, click here to see a list!

Just like the little plant below (that will be at the fair!).. it's so wonderful so see growth, to feel the extension of our energy in tangible and helpful ways, and to know that we can stand by ourselves, but we are STRONG as a community!

Love love and more love to you, jamie
btw: contact me if you should want to participate, donate or get involved in future fairs!

This cute lil plant is just one of the many things we'll have for sale!
pocket plantie.. just last week
and look at her now!!

p.s. thank you gayle for your love, time and donation, AND for "rooting" these babies, giving them a sturdy foundation so that they can continue to grow after they are adopted into their new homes!

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