Thursday, April 8, 2010

i heart art clay!

got to play with art clay with cathy this week (before i got sick - which is why my post is sluggish in arrival)

nice part about blogging is that it requires very little effort, no talking, and therefore no coughing. love it!

made this camera charm for jason, it's about 1" in length. i rubber stamped it onto the clay and exacto'd the handle part out, so i can wrap beads onto it and make it a charmie! my impressions weren't deep enough, so i scratched them deeper before we fired it. art clay is forgiving!

this was made with a "snakey" tube and was SUPER EASY! probably took like a few minutes to make both. love things that are simple, AND cute! my faves - one has a loop that fell off (remember, i'm a newbie), so i'm going to refire it back on. art clay is forgiving.

i stamped a bamboo impression, then stamped "chikara" in hiragana (means strength in japanese). the bamboo stamping wasn't quite deep enough so cathy burnished it further, because, what?? art clay is forgiving.

it was so much fun! the hardest part is deciding what to make cause i had sooooo many ideas, and not enough time. in our one day, i made a BUNCH (more than pictured here), and will post them... but i want to turn them into jewelry first to impress y'all!

thanks cathy, you are a great teacher, and if i'm not sick on sunday, i'm taking the clayday play with cathy! resting at home, and storing up a lot of creative energy.

cough cough, jamie

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Opal said...

i can't wait for august now! we need to pinpoint a date for naomi. :)