Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my favorite bangles

recently, i "re-released" a bangle that i made years ago, and to my surprise it REALLY took off this time around! i'm learning that there are no "junk projects", just inopportune timing! i can't tell you how many times in the past 12 years michelle and i've created something, and had NO ONE interested in it. we'd look at each other and sigh and ask "how come??"

we're like two little old ladies minus the rocking chairs - watching trends come and go... and sighing and shaking our heads together in disbelief :)

AnYhoW - onto some silver wire bangles....

i've been teaching it as a custom class, and with each new student, i learn even more (so terry, if you're reading this, email me!) so there's more to share with every new class. that's what's fun about CREATING - there's no mistakes- just new ideas!

michelle and angela surprised me with their mad skillz - cause i didn't realize that they've only taken basic wire wrap - i was in "jamie intense mode" and had them wrestling with 10 gauge wire (crazy thick), hammering, shaping, using metal stamps, specialty hammers, a bracelet mandrel and more!! i was soooo proud - they were daring, experimental, willing to try anything, and went for it! my favorite kind of student :)


michelle's bangles: one featuring kyanite (a stone for communication and peace), the other energetically hammered flat and stamped with hearts!


angela's bangles: one featuring prehnite (for comfort and feeling safe), the other stamped with baby stars!


this pic features all the gem bangles (including mine with the chunk o' tourmaline, that i made as a demonstration)

so much fun!! let me know if you want to make one too! they're pretty simple in technique and evidently, all you need is basic wire wrap skills and a "can do" attitude! i'll help you select a gem that is "just right" for you!

luv ya! jamie

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Opal said...

i want to make one!!