Friday, April 30, 2010

we need your help for hawaii's kids!

Kids Hurt Too (one of our charities close to our BG hearts) is one of the groups that got to work with ProjectFocus Hawaii!

ProjectFocus Hawaii is a local non-profit run by Lisa and Laurie, and is VERY close to my, and especially Jason's heart. He has always told me how much photography has meant to him and his creative expression, and how we believed that it could be a wonderful experience for kids. When we found out about ProjectFocus, it was like a dream come true. We look forward to working with them AND if they get VOTED TOP 10 PROJECTS AT THE END OF THIS DAY, THEY GET $25,000!

Please click here and vote! The last time we rallied, we got 50,000 books for Hawaii's keiki that arrived last month, yippeee!!!

Rally rally, come on peeps! Just vote.. you will have to either facebook, or fill out the form but $25k for Hawaii's kids at risk, is worth it!

Project Focus Goals

  • • Encourage children to have a "voice" through the camera lens
  • • Build self-esteem and self-awareness through use of photography
  • • Facilitate private school scholarships for deserving participants
  • • Provide mentoring opportunities for kids beyond scope of program
  • • Provide media exposure & visibility for our non-profit partners'

LOVE Jamie!

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