Monday, March 29, 2010

kumihimo for everyone!

this kumihimo video is dedicated to cali, who fell down her stairs, and injured both legs. we send you love, beads and a kumihimo disc. just in case you don't feel up to reading the instructions, this video is for you!


Linda said...

Thanks 4 the spiral instructions. I did something different on mine after many start overs.

cali said...

hee!hee! thank you for the dedication jamie! i really miss you guys. :(
i will, of course, give it a try even though you know i'm the "no rules-just-go-for-it" kind.

Leslie said...

I just started on a kumihimo braid, when my 6 year old daughter asked, "Mommy, can I do?" In less than one minute, she caught on (even realizing - unknowlingly! - that if you stop, you leave 3 strands in one section!), and has commandeered my disk....I might have to buy my own!!