Sunday, March 21, 2010

jason, my photographer

i made these silver bangles and jason took some photos that i love! that's actually how we "met". he offered to take pictures of my lampwork glass beads that i made. i was like, "okay," and then we moved in together.

i put them on the bead gallery's facebook page as well, cause i thought they are so pretty! lighting, angles, and having a photographer that cares makes all the difference.

just like in everything in life- the intention and the purposefulness behind ANYTHING, is most important. i just reminded myself by writing this, that buying something made or sold with love, good intentions and honesty, is much more defining about who i am, then buying something that's cheaper, by cutting corners and with less care.

i've been tempted in the past, to buy beads from vendors just cause it was convenient, or a "good deal," or something that i "had to have", even if they were rude, had terrible service, or had unethical practices. i was willing to compromise my values because i wanted something.

it's good to get older and with enough experience, realize that it's not the "stuff" that i have that makes my life. it's people, relationships and all that comes with it, that is the stuff of life!

Thank you!

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