Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fairy ribbon bracelet

luv that kumihimo! we have some "fairy ribbon" that changes in color as you braid, and ends up being so beautiful! you can make a lanyard AND a bracelet with one length.

you gotta add the gems to make it AWESOME!! yay!!! one is janice's and one is ours - so happy, AND janice is going to host a free kumihimo class on April 3 - so if you are interested, email me asap. seats are limited and it's going to be with beads - so there is a little prep work.

i haven't sent the email about the free class yet, so this is your bloggy heads up. i'll post a pic of the class sample soon!

see our happy customers holding the white disc in the pic above? that's the braiding disc - so simple and lightweight - and fun!

see ya! hearts, jamie


Andrew Thornton said...

I miss you guys already! Why can't Hawaii be closer? Or... rather... why can't I be in Hawaii?

Cali said...

Hi Jamie...wandered into the blog today just by chance. Do you happen to have any of those silver flowers that you used on the suede bracelet in the Feb 26 posting?

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the "fairy ribbon" that you used to make these beautiful bracelets?