Tuesday, March 9, 2010

cheech's heart

my lil' cousin, kristi, is a magician, and circus performer! she can do amazing contortions with her body, and swing on long pieces of material.. it's amazing!! her website is magicofkristi.com - go there and you can see HOW unrelated we are in flexibility and body strength and shape! ha ha! but i'd like to think, that's my potential!

i remember when she was little, her encouraging me to practice the splits. i shoulda listened!

i made her this heart necklace to send her some love! i loved it so much, i had amanda stamp me a bunch more for the store, and for ME :) want one? i'll make it for you - email me!

here's a pic of me and cheech, about 30 years ago.. do you love my bruce lee inspired glasses?

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