Thursday, October 21, 2010

what's the SALE?

i used to like sales.   until i realized that it was stuff that didn't sell.  that's ironic, that it's called a sale, huh!  anyhow, i've finally come to a point in my life where i have a LOT of beads.  and they are all mine!!  and i had the amazing realization that i will NEVER EVER use them all in my lifetime!

maybe this is what happens when 40 is coming.  at least for me.   i'm excited, and it seems so significant, and i feel like whatever i've been delaying or postponing... well, I'M GOING TO DO!

and so this leads to our exploding SALE table.  i've been putting a lot of stuff on SALE.  some of which i've outgrown in taste, style or interest, and others that i just have to let go of cause there is NO ROOM!  it's hard.  letting go is hard.

but here's what i've learned, especially in the last 13 years of beadstore owning:  material things come and go, but all the people that i've met and loved along the way are in my heart and that's something way more valuable than beads.  the store is an avenue for us to meet, greet, welcome, share, create and BE with other people- participating in LIFE with other spirits, and a place to experience love.  it could very well be boiled eggs, t-shirts or cups.  it just happens to be beads.

so goodbye little beads... bye bye freshwater pearls.  sayonara vintage glass.  SIDENOTE:  thanks to my marm for bagging them, tagging them and labeling them for sale!!  my idol :)

* * * * * * * 

here's just a scattering of photos of friends we've made along the journey - see the light that shines, the genuine connections that are made!  thank you to everyone - your picture may not be on this blog, but your spirit shines in my heart.

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