Sunday, October 3, 2010

inspire me and win a prize!


okay, i love 2 things a LOT.  Contests and being inspired.  SO, here's my contest.  Inspire me in any way you like to make a piece of jewelry for you... and the winner will get..... a piece of jewelry from me!

The "prize" may be simple (honestly, cause i haven't been beading much lately), but I've been feeling a surge of creative energies as I turned the calendar page and began the countdown to Christmas!  i just need some help getting focused and basically something out of the ordinary to entertain myself with!

Comment on the post, and I will read them.  I promise.  And yes, Michelle and Anna, you can enter ;) wink!

Be creative.  So will I!  

me 'n cissy desperately in need of something to motivate us!!
good nite! luv jamie


Jana said...

Balance is something that I've been working on and will continue to work on for the rest of my life. I've been wanting to make a chakra necklace (or pendant) with stones to represent each of the 7 chakras. Since you are having this contest and want to be inspired - maybe you'll be inspired by this :) It also may be a good idea for the Soul Intention jewelry line. Hope that I win!!!

Rachel said...

I know I'm new to your blog, but I have an idea that will hopefully inspire you:

I've wanted to start wearing more purple so I've been wanting a purple jewelry piece. And I love flowers, so maybe something inspired by/with flowers.

I hope that gives you a bit of inspiration!

Please check out my new blog! It's called Bead Speak.

cali said...

Jamie-the opening of Sara Bareilles's new CD has a short but happy ditty: "All the colors of the rainbow...hidden 'neath my skin...heart have colors don't we all runs through our veins. Feel the fire burning...inspire me with blood of blue and green. I have hope...inside is not a heart but a kaleidoscope.
Then of course, maybe I've been on too much asprin of late. Hmmm.

Amanda said...

I've been loving all of the interchangable stuff you've been creating lately because the option to shift stones, colors and shapes when I feel like it really suits me. If one day a certain color or mood is calling to you, it would be super easy to take off a lobster clasp and replace the main center stone with something that would match the mood. My jewelry has become more personable lately and I'm in love with that. I have you to thank for inspiring me and I hope it can inspire you in return to think at the possibilities around you and create magic like I know you can! :)