Friday, August 13, 2010

i'm a beauty guru!

thanks to gina and to you tube, i've been hooked on watching "beauty gurus" online, and learning make-up tips, how to "wing" my eyeliner, hide the shadows under my eyes, stretch out my high heels, poof out my hair, have a "back to school" look, and so on!

it's fascinating, compelling, beyond understanding, and tad bit disenchanting, but once i start clicking, i can't stop! it's amazing to watch them go from ordinary to unrecognizable with the help of beauty aids. i'm addicted!

some of these "beauty gurus" just suck you in, and as a tribute to them and a gift to gina, here is my very own beauty vlog!

and yes, you can be a beauty guru online too! come over and i'll video you with my mac, and we can post it online.. make sure your tips are just as helpful as mine, though :)

1 comment:

aka said...

thank you - always wanted to know what to do with my hair before i brush my teeth...