Sunday, June 27, 2010

texting my heart out!

so kelli, my beloved employee, left for new york last year. tomorrow, it makes ONE YEAR, wow! isn't that synchronistic that i felt compelled to write this?

i feel like i watched her grow from girl to woman, and i am so proud of her, and love her so

loving someone that much, made it hard to let her go to and not be able to watch her embrace the world. i was so tempted to call and ask questions, offer advice, and want to steer her in the "right" direction. MY direction, in retrospect. it's so hard NOT to interfere, but i learned to separate MY fears and anxieties from hers. so i bit my tongue, and for the past year resisted calling, spying, interrogating and just watched her from afar i.e. Facebook!

last week, i felt a tug of worry as we drove to work. suddenly she was at the very surface of my heart, i hoped she was okay, and i felt like i needed to do something. so i did a quick prayer, texted her my love and hit send.

later that day, she let me know she had gone home cause she felt really sick. just confirmation that love connects us. even without email, facebook, iphones.... all i have to do is trust my heart. it sends and receives so easily...

thank you kelli! we are and always will be connected through love, laughter and joy!

here's a picture of me, wearing one of her earring creations! did i mention she's a jewelry designer in new york? whoo hooooo!! i'm so proud, my smile looks too big for the photo!


Anonymous said...

we missssssssssssssssssssssss kelli girl..........

Gina said...

yes, we miss kitty kelli! meow meow. where can i purchase her jewelry pretties?

Kathleen said...

Sniff,sniff...this made me cry Jamie. I think of Kelli everyday and keep her in my prayers. But I am also so proud of her and how she's grown and blossomed into a very capable and confident person. Most of all she is having a wonderful exciting time in New York. Everyday I'm reminded of how much you've shared with her and the valuable lessons that you've taught her. I see a lot of you in Kelli, you are definitely connected and a part of her even if we are far away from New York. Thanks for all that you do for our entire family!
Love from the Kogas