Monday, June 7, 2010

put your best intentions into it

Had a round of intention knotting classes this weekend, and it was terrific! I made new friends, they made beautiful, meaningful and supportive jewelry, and I practiced communicating my insights and gemstone messages.

Allison's gems were aquamarine, kunzite, and moonstone, basically for peace, love and insight. I say basically, cause it took 30 minutes to convey the message, but for bloggy's sake, i cut it down!

After 3 appointments - LUNCH! boy, all that holding a space in my heart for my peeps made me hungry!

Emilie made this gorgeous knotted bracelet with ametrine, kyanite, ruby in zoisite, green amethyst, pink sapphire and blue sapphire. Her gems supported communication, connection to the divine, making a space in our hearts for love, encouragement to follow thru and flexibility of mind and heart. SO wonderful!!!

What a great day.. i love putting our intentions, listening to our messages from our hearts, and allowing spirit to flow while creating a supportive adornment for our bodies.

Love to you all! going to exercise and make another bracelet for ME today!

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