Wednesday, June 9, 2010

aquamarine rock

so bebe made this gorgeous necklace featuring our shell pendant toggle clasp in the front - so pretty!!!! and speaking of necklaces, i was inspired to make a gift-wrapped aqua pendant for myself, just yesterday!

this baby fist-sized chunk of aquamarine is more for display (ON ME!) than for jewelry, but it made us LAUGH once i put it on! amanda voted for a thick silver chain, to balance out the 1/2 lb. stone, but i thought that the cord looked much more pleasing, HA HA!

i could only wear it for like a few minutes, before it was WAY too heavy. come in and try it on.. it'll make you laugh too!

byeee! jamie


altariel said...

Absolutely beautiful, love how she made small coils with her wire instead of headpins!

ktbaum1313 said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! i love the color, the pendant, the workmanship, everything! And I know she got all the materials from TBG, right?!

beadgirl said...

yup, got it all at tbg, and michelle (our number one designer) helped her lay it out and put it together. she-bam!!