Saturday, September 11, 2010

soul intentions at the bead gallery

7 years or so ago:
somewhere along the way of having a bead business, i realized that i wanted to work with my friends forever!  it's so much fun, i love it, and there's always laughter, support and sharing.

i used to WISH we could have a jewelry business together, and simply make stuff and sell it.  years passed and i talked about it, and pondered.  as i moved forward into expressing my love and spiritual guidance through healing with gems, the plan solidified.

last year:
the plan: i would make jewelry and sell it with my friends!!   so funny to hear the same idea over so many years, and finally having the courage to move forward.  after much thought and sharing with the girls, we agreed that we wanted to have fun, and to share our love and best intentions with others.  we would not take into consideration fear based questions like, "will people like it?" "is is too expensive?"  "should we use cheaper materials" "do those colors look good together?" and so on!

all we focused on was transporting healing energies through our thoughts, designs, execution, and sharing. it was an amazing process because i felt no fear, anxiety or self-doubt about pursuing this plan. 

fast forward to our unveiling of the soul intention jewelry tonight:
after our first night at the women's expo, we sold absolutely NO jewelry.  we left in high spirits, laughing, enjoying each other's company, our hearts filled with love, and looking forward to tomorrow.

we are successful, we are true to our mission and we loving our lives.  there is nothing more i can ask for.  i know that we are serving a higher purpose, and i will hold that in my heart.   the mind is a funny thing - it wants to convince us that we are not deserving, not good enough, or that our dreams can't come true.  the heart and soul send messages of trust, support and knowingness that everything is unfolding JUST as it should.

kahe wale, baby!  let it flow!
thanks especially to michelle, gina, amanda, jana, cass, bonnie, jo ann, anna, jason- for the extra help these last few weeks - making it possible to fuse everything and everyone i love into one wonderful experience called LIFE!

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