Monday, November 23, 2009

fusing fine silver

these earrings were made by fusing fine silver wire into rings! we've been fusing for a couple of years now, and i forget that it's fairly new to the beading/jewelry world :)

basically, fusing fine silver wire in the easiest of terms is: melting pure silver with a tiny torch. that's it! it's easier and cleaner than soldering, and you need less experience, tools and supplies to get the job done.

why would you want to melt fine silver? then you can make your own headpins, make different sized closed rings, finger rings, bangle bracelets and more!

amanda and jason have been teaching fusing for years, and both have been instructed by iris sandkuhler (the woman who basically made fusing accessible, and then popular throughout the beadworld), and both them can attest to the "d0-ability" factor of fusing.

even more fun after the fusing? the shaping and hammering!
still have the sniffles.....going to lie down and rest :) bye bye, jamie


Val Kumia said...

I definitely need to do some more fusing. Miss you folks. Get better Jamie.. I'm sending you Reiki.

Opal said...

i can't wait to learn how to fuse!maybe next year.

feel better soon, jamie!

Anonymous said...

I love love love your blog...I came to Hawaii in August to visit my daughter and she brought me to your store. I work/teach at a bead store in Elk Grove, CA. I've been following your blog for awhile and really enjoyed my visit to the store. The staff was wonderful. I will be back in June.