Sunday, June 7, 2009

my cute husband!

wow, we have a lot of stuff!  it's weird to take a snapshot and see the store from a different perspective!  look at my cute husband!

it's been 12 years, and i'm thinking to myself now, no wonder people walk around like they're in a daze!  It's so difficult to focus with so many things to look at.  You need a tour guide to get through these things!!

so now, my new attitude towards my job is that i'm more of a "bead escort" or a "bead guide."  i was a tour guide for japanese tourists when i was 19-ish.  I really enjoyed it, except that i used to fall asleep on the long rides back from the north side after a full day tour.  oops!

i'm a much better worker now.  see? people change!

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