Saturday, June 20, 2009

northern cali friends

we are still adventuring through california.  taking it day by day, and changing hotels on a whim.  tonight we are in sunnyvale :)

rob and amy - two of my dearest friends from college days at santa clara, are married and have 2 kiddies.  here we are re-enacting a pose that we did almost 20 years ago!

fresh strawberry pie at harris ranch.  except for the poo-poo smells and the flies, it was a yummy meal!

jason, relaxing on one of the cows that we ate.

griffith observatory - statue of einstein. hmmmm.

monty - my most favorite doggie in the world!  he has the kindest and most gentle and loving soul i've ever encountered in a living being.  i love you monty!  he's cheri's dog, and sadly not up for adoption.  one can only hope.  he lives in gardena - one of my big reasons for traveling to california!!

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anna said...

i miss Monty and Holly... and all the good foods we ate... thank goodness i didn't gain any pounds...