Sunday, December 13, 2009

christmas cupcake wellness

this month we have 2 cupcake wellness events, and we just did the first of two, last night! ali took some photos to show you just exactly what goes on at a bead gallery cupcake wellness event!

first you will have a mini reading with stephen (he's behind the screen for your privacy), where he will assist you in choosing a word that is meaningful to you!

next, amanda and i help you select a necklace or bracelet style, and gemstones that resonate with your energy. sometimes, it's a gem to give you a boost in areas that need help, other times it's a stone that will remind you of qualities that you already have!

michelle is busily stamping out customized charms, many with teeny symbols like a heart, leaf, lotus, spiral, or whatever she feels best complements your word!
jo ann is one of my most skilled wire workers, and here she is wrapping the beads onto the jewelry for the finishing touch.

we hope you will wear this home feeling in touch with your spirit, present in the moment and reflective on the quality of your life.

at the very least, you got a darned nice piece o' jewelry!
luv, jamie

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Val Kumia said...

Awesoome event! I went to the first one and I wear my necklace everyday. I sometimes find myself holding onto it during the day. Don't know why, but it makes me feel good. Thank you Jamie & Jason, Stephen, and all the Bead Gallery girls.