Saturday, December 5, 2009

jeff barber beads

our little jeffie, such a talented beadmaker! just kidding, he's not that little.. i just was flashing back to family circle :) oh, my age is showing!

but he IS a talented beadmaker, and i love his style. not only does he make great beads with an asian flair- he's a very nice and kind man - reminds me of Calvin Orr, our main bead gallery beadmaker and my unofficial stepdad. i digress, thanks to my cough syrup with codeine.

my point is, we have a Jeff Barber trunk show going on at the store, so come and see his beads. touch them, enjoy his artistry, and be in wonder how someone can take glass to the point of miniature art. can't buy one? it's okay, admiration is fine, too!

how long will we have them? until they run out, or until christmas eve-ish.

me n' jeffie

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