Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the basics are fun!

basic stringing and crimping by michelle
basic wire wrap by jamie

i think that a lot of times, we underestimate the basics. sometimes, i'll tell myself, "that's too easy", no one's going to like it.... or "it doesn't look like i spent enough time on it...."

that's just a trick i play on myself, to avoid rejection, criticism or comments on my jewelry. i don't want to let anyone down, or have them think that i'm not trying my best.. does this all sound familiar? yikes, and it's just beads!!

so i'm putting it back into perspective. as i made this wire wrapped bracelet for my kumu's relative who was injured in a fire, i reminded myself, this is made out of LOVE. i stopped worrying if she'd like the colors, stopped judging if my loops were round enough or if the technique reflected enough sophistication.

i just held it in my hands and imbued it with all the love in my heart and sent messages of love and healing as i created it.

i must remind myself, that's why i started beading. that's why i started a STORE, and why i still bead today.

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c-anna said...

thanks for the reminder!