Monday, August 31, 2009

artsy craftsy

i love creating stuff with things i find around the house, recycled treasures and scrappy-doos! i glued a piece of bead mat into this metal hinged container, rubber stamped it with robbie robot and color markered it in! now mari can bead on the airplane when she goes to clean teeth in maui!

these little beauties were handmade by gina, my cute-as-a-button helper who hides in the backroom bead cave with me and hunches over the computer, tapping out our little emails. don't know gina? look for the girl with these monstrously large rings on her finger.. JUST KIDDING GINA! I love them!! i just can't figure out why she didn't make me one?


Opal said...

the robot is so cute!

i love what gina made. she's so talented. :)

Kelli said...

i love your little robot tin and wow... gina's rings are so awesome!

knottynaomi said...

wow that ring is so very cool! i love it!