Monday, August 17, 2009

a haku for my wrist

i was looking at all our shell and gemstone flowers, and thinking.. i wish the display were wear-able! thus, the bracelet. the flowers are stuck onto a chain "backing" by running ball headpins from the top of the flower and fastening it to the back of the chain.

quite pretty, huh!

gotta jam - jason and i are driving to KAILUA for breakfast at cinnamon's - yum! such a cute name and the omelettes are delicious! i have to get all my stuff ready: gps, water, sunscreen, camera... that's like going to the outer islands for us "country folks" out in waipahu :)


Val Kumia said...

Jamie this is soo... cute and dainty.

Opal said...

oh! i'm in love! that bracelet would look so cute with the garden candy pendant. :)