Wednesday, September 2, 2009

another mini makeover!

so i'm loving the makeovers now! I made the white freshwater pearl necklace above last month, and wore it plain. not bad... pretty on...a bit conservative for me. then i had a pair of lotus earrings that chuckie made - that i hardly wore due to my crooked earlobes... (that's a whole nother story).

So i turned that earring into a pendant with 2 jumprings - and now i have a super beauteous necklace that i LOVE! AND, my super lucky friend leah, will be the recipient of the other earring - cause she SOOO admired my necklace, AND it looked good on her. hey leah, if you read my blog, you may want to contact me soon!

luv j

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Opal said...

that's a gorgeous pendant!