Saturday, September 19, 2009

steampunk bracelet

janice berkebile's steampunk bracelet was fun fun fun!! I was able to attend cause anna took half a day off and covered my shift, yay! thanks anna!! you da bomb!!!
janice is an awesome teacher and her class was so much fun - i'm inspired to do more jewelry making asap!

gina, not steampunking in this pic. no, not so much. :)

i was so happy to be able to take a class, i wanted to thank anna with her own steampunkin' bracelet. The one on the right with all the fancy stuff is for anna. The one below it is mine. I didn't have enough time to embellish mine, so i just stamped it with some cool images! click on the pic to enlarge, so you can see the lotus and the om symbols. truthfully, michelle stamped a lot of it cause by the end, my arm was tired, but hey!! i hammered them!! go me!


Val Kumia said...

Wow Jamie, those are so pretty. They look like a lot of work though. Anyway, I haven't been in for awhile and I miss you all. I almost made it yesterday, but by the time I finished at the trade show I couldn't make it up your stairs. I was and still am beat. But seeing your smiling face as soon as I opened up the blog really perked me up. Glad you had fun!


Opal said...

i loved this class! i also really loved your saimin disc. thanks so much for bringing janice to the shop. :)