Wednesday, September 16, 2009

seed beading rocks!

you ever had that friend, the one who does amazing things and says, "oh no, anyone can do it." and then you're thinking, yeah right, UGH, if only! Well, Arlene is that friend of mine - she's so talented, and her mental strength and discipline is inspiring to me.

In doing anything, a craft, sport, hobby, job - it takes more than skill - you need to have determination and the will to go to the end - AND the spirit to finish it with a great attitude and with the same purposefulness and care that you started with.

arlene, i know you think i'm the teacher, but you really have taught me a lot- just by watching you complete your beautiful projects over the years. thank you!
arlene's just completed right-angle weave layered seed bead bracelet!
so awesome!

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Lanette said...

way to go are fantastic @ beadweaving. i love your creations. i agree jamie, it takes more than patience--she has the spirit!