Wednesday, September 9, 2009


today we got married, again! it's our 10th anniversary and we decided to do it with STYLE!
go here to see our first wedding's single picture that we have!
the transformation begins... false eyelashes and bondo, here we come!

yay, yay, yay! let's get married, i can't wait!!

our marriage is sealed with nice-nice, kisses and a surprise ceremony! alice's wonderful words and blessings were awesome :) gooooo us!

such a blessed, blessed day. i'm so thankful and grateful - this was a momentous day for me. a day with such amazing significance, that as long as i am in this body, i will look back on and remember being surrounded by love, and thinking, aha! that's why i am here.


Gina said...

i LOVE it!!! Such a beautiful celebration of love & happiness! Pretty princess Jamie with those well-defined arms from all your hard work with Randy :)

Val Kumia said...

So precious... congrats to both of you.

Joy (of Crafting!) said...

Congratulations to the Sweetest Bead Girl & Bead Guy in the World!You two are such a great couple and your love for each other just spills over in eveything you do. That's why I LOVE the Bead Gallery. Congratulations and wishing you Happiness & Love Always!

Lanette said...

what a gorgeous couple...may you always walk in sunshine...luv you both

Opal said...

happy anniversary! the best of health and happiness to my most favorite bead guy and gal in this world. you both bring such light and happiness where ever you go. :)

LisaS said...

Re-congrats on the vows renewal! Nice photos! Love the tiara! You both look grand! Hugs and kisses to you both and lots and lots of continued happiness! *:) LisaS