Thursday, October 22, 2009

gone fishing.....

I feel like I've been gone so long! It's been busy at the store with the cupcake wellness nite, and LOTS of custom classes! Seems like a lot of our beady friends are enjoying our one-to-one custom classes, so we've been busier throughout the day teaching ALL kinds of stuff!

it's been fun because we get to know our students in a very friendly setting, and connect on more than just a teacher-student, "let me give you info and send you on your way" kind of way.

In retrospect, this is what I've always wanted. To make new friends, and bead with them! pretty simple. And somewhere along the way, when beading got super popular, that became impossible - not enough hours in the day, and too many people. With the sluggish economy, a silver lining has emerged! We definitely have increased our time with each person, getting to know them beyond a retail relationship, so it has been a dream come true. :)

enjoy Bess's beautiful necklace and earring set with london blue topaz and champagne quartz above! i loved how simple and beautiful it was (she gave it as a gift), and i was like, I WANT ONE! so now i have one. it's a photo, but it'll do.. until i make a set for me!

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