Tuesday, October 6, 2009

happy hearts luv mochi!

if you didn't know - michelle's sister is a mochi maker! Renee makes handmade mochi - happyheartsmochi.com in delicious flavors like peanut butter, haupia, strawberry in sweet red bean, and my ultimate of holiday flavors: pumpkin!! AND- if you ever need a quick pick-up place, we have a "system", where she brings it to the store and you can pick it up here (of course, minus the one piece i will eat). just kidding!

anyhoo, michelle's talents aren't only in jewelry making - look what she did using swarovski crystals on the custom decorated favor boxes!

renee's mochi is tasty. i luv it! i'm ordering a batch for my friend's baby's 1st bday this month, just so that i can have one. yep, it's good to be in charge!

hey renee, if you read this... it's pumpkin time!!!

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