Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oh no frankenstein!

It was a gift making weekend! First i made my mom the citrine bracelet on the left.. then i was inspired to wire wrap my tiny citrines on the right. of course i had to add a big chunk to make it all worthwhile! I might keep that one..

Then i unearthed some black spinel and white topaz, so i HAD to string those in their entirety - to keep it full-blast powerpuffed with grounding and manifesting energies. I find that if the gems are beautiful on their own, then you don't need to add a thing!
Finally, i made jason a sterling silver bracelet, with the antiqued ss hollow shapes and thai silver in between! I've had those beads on my desk for about 3 years now, just waiting for their day. I also wrapped him a frankie that i bought from jujubeadz - you'll see him wearing it this week on my "gangsta" gold rope chain. so 80's! gooooo, Jason!

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