Monday, February 22, 2010

beautiful bracelets!

i love having "in-house" talented designers!! the other day, i said, "i wish we could have a small stamped bracelet as a pretty sample in the store". and wishes do come true! stamped and executed by the girls last week, i love it! look carefully at the 9:00 pm disc. I was so delighted, yelping, "rosettes, so cute!" michelle laughed and told me it was a snail. what we perceive as our reality is amazing, huh!

this was made very recently by lois in a custom herringbone class with me. i love how it stays twisted! we went a little too far in length, so instead of using a clasp, we made it a "roll-on" claspless bracelet - so awesome! creativity is always spurred by necessity, and i love it when it has the chance to happen!

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Linda said...

Love how the connection edges alternate from corners to sides.