Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines!

this is me with my husband, jason on the left, and my brother, jarret on the right. i thought, gee, we all look alike. that's funny!

it's more funny when people think that jason and i are brother/sister, and then we kiss. NOT! just kidding, but that'd be sooo funny!

just came back from a mainland trip and brought back one deaf left ear. i'm trying to figure out the life lesson/valuable lesson in this. i've almost succumbed to a couple of panic attacks in the past 2 weeks of non-hearing, and also have been thinking of the value of good-humored EVERYDAY living despite my temporary handicap.

it's definitely put me in a state of gratitude, and what i FINALLY figured out was to turn it around from "why me?" to
"why not me?"
and really, i need to start applying that to everything: the lows to the highs and everything in between!!!

some loving valentines food for thought.. love ya!!!!


Acornbud said...

Happy Valentines Day and Chinese New Year! Glad to here the hearing loss is temporary.

debbie said...

hey jamie! opal told me about your hearing loss too - i hope you went to an Ear Nose Throat and had a workup done - are you slowly regaining some of the loss back? how'd it happen?...just wondering cause i'm an audiologist and have seen how sudden on-set hearing loss can be frustrating and make one feel "off-balance." take care and take yourself to an ENT if you haven't already.... ~debbie