Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cupcake wellness, hello!

i just took this photo myself, so cool! digital cameras and a mirror = home studio! sort of.

We have a cupcake wellness night tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 25th and I wanted to invite my family, friends and friends-to-be, to come!

Haven't been to one? Please come, it's an event that I created for you - people I love and care for. Community building and connecting with each other is so important to me, so I put this on once a month, where my meditation teacher, Stephen Nakamitsu, and I do personal readings and exchange spiritual hellos with our old and new friends! Best of all, we create a personal piece of jewelry for you to wear, with special gemstones that resonate with your being.

I have appointment times between 4-7pm, so please email me at or call me at the store: 589-2600 if you are interested. I'm happy to answer any questions, you have!

For some testimonials and my purpose of this event, click here: CUPCAKE WELLNESS!

have a super awesome day!

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