Sunday, January 24, 2010

i am loveable and capable...

i am loveable and capable. that is a phrase that jason learned in 2nd grade and something he reminds me of quite frequently. in turn, i try to send this message out as much as possible, it's so simple and makes me happy! michelle stamped it beautifully on this pendant - i love it!

this is my BE bracelet. i thought about all the things i want to BE on a daily basis... whew, it's amazing there's time for t.v. and snacks, huh! i'm currently addicted to the re-runs of numbers.

gotta jam, there's an episode on my tivo and i want to drill a big hole in a piece of apatite. i have an idea, and if it comes out, you'll be seeing it here!

take care, breathe, and if you are having any negative thoughts for whatever reason, just think that i am sending you a drizzle of pink hearts all over your head at this very moment!
bye bye!

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Opal said...

that pendant is gorgeous! michelle is so good.