Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the nose knows!

i can sniff out a bead store, ANYWHERE!! we were driving around a little neighborhood in guam after dropping off dad at dialysis (easy on the sweets everyone, dialysis is TOUGH), and out of the corner of my eye, i saw a sign that said, the BEAD HIVE! hmmm.. "jashun, pull over!"
i found guam's only and newest bead store (3 months old), and got some omiyages for the girls and was just thrilled to find a beader in guam! next time we visit, i have a bead friend, jackie, and bead doggie friend, abby, so i'm going to learn how to make polymer clay chocolate candies!

life is great... meanwhile, i had a great idea yesterday for a new class that focuses on making projects with the intent of sending good intentions, love and healing energies for ourselves and gifts! working on it.. you'll see it coming soon! i'm pretty jazzed up about this!!!!

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Val Kumia said...

Awesome Jamie. I was wondering if there was anyplace to get supplies there or if you had to be really sure you had everything with you when you traveled there. As for dialysis, yes it is difficult. Not only for the patient but also for loved ones. There are a lot more centers now than when my dad was a patient. He was on dialysis for probably 10 years before we lost him in late 2006.