Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LOVE the lampwork!

love the jeff barber handmade glass beads! we designed and made this necklace for rene, using tiny little gemstone drops to accent the bead, and to increase her personal power :)

wonder why handmade glass beads are called "lampwork"? cause a long, long time ago, they used to be made over an oil lamp! there's more to it, so if you are interested, drop me a line! handmade glass beads aka lampwork, are how I ended up with a bead store! I was so attracted to hot glass, that I picked up lampworking as a hobby about 20 years ago, and beading was secondary (just so I could put MY beads on a string to wear it.) who'd a thought, huh!

i think i want to hop back on that torch! thankfully, marm and calvin have the entire set-up, and they teach classes so i have a place to go!

today is a special day, just like every other - sending you some love, so close your eyes, breathe and be well!

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