Thursday, January 28, 2010

lovey dovey penguins!

my mom (aka firebug) made these glass penguins on the torch (wow!) for our friend millie's retirement gift! it's a girl and boy penguin (OBVIOUSLY to represent millie and her husband, har har marm!), and she wanted it to be super nice, so she asked me to give it a special wire job.

i mused over the couple for a while, studying their interaction and affection for each other. it was clear that they wanted to be immortalized on sterling silver and the girl penguin asked to sit on a heart. voila! - 2 penguins in love, that want to stay close to each other :)

this is cissy in her bedroom. her mama ought to clean that mess up!!

just kidding! no call CPS!! it's cissy at our latest clutter party - enjoying the spoils. another fun pic to enjoy!

luv jamie

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