Friday, May 22, 2009

clay day

what a fun day!  i skipped school and played all day!  did ceramics in the afternoon and papercrafting in the evening!  pictured are ceramics that KELLI made, not me. i only strive for that cuteness.  she's going to do a ceramic sale at the store in june before she moves to new york.  i'm going to get me some kitty cups!!   

one of kelli's real kitties peed in my very absorbent unfired pinch pot.  i guess that's what happens when you use a kitty litter box to store our little ceramic projects.  KELLI!!! NOOOO!!!!

while i was out, our old friend tony hall stopped by the store with his new baby sofie. what a cutie!  jason's so cute too.  as soon as we got home, he was like.. put the baby on the blog!.. put the baby on the blog!!!!  

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