Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sunny sunstone

so after talking to amanda yesterday, and discovering she had done a one piece bangle, i was inspired to make another one! the first bangle (in the previous post) was done over 3 episodes of the original star trek - jeepers, captain kirk was a cutie!

this bangle was done during the end of death race and the beginning of tropic thunder. now you know how long it takes to make these! i love how this one turned out cause the addition of the love stamped disc was an after thought (cause the bracelet was too small) and it made me feel quite inventive. i REALLY like how you can customize it with just about anything.

i was going to stamp "honor my body", so that i remember not to put too much white sugar into it. but that was too long. i figure "love" covers just about everything! the stones are sunstone, mined in oregon - so cool, i bought them from Derek, who owns the mine and dug out those stones :)

i'm going to shower and start another one! nitey!

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Opal said...

i adore this one. i hope this one is offered up as a project during wire play day!